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A manuscript’s Companion Data Page

screenshot of Accompanying Data Page
Last fall we pre-published a manuscript on This work describes a new method to track the position of all six fly legs in a live fly behaving spontaneously on a floating ball. We image leg position using infrared dyes invisible to the fly, and an optical path running through the very ball the fly is running upon.

This manuscript is progressing through the formal publication process, and in anticipation of its completion, we are posting the raw data from this paper, as well as as all the LabVIEW and MATLAB scripts involved in data acquisition and analysis. The image at right is a screenshot of that data and script page, which we think of as a sister document to the publication itself.

Please take a look at the Companion Data Page.

If you feel like commenting on it (here would be best): do you approve? is the level of annotation and code-commenting appropriate and helpful? is the formatting clear and satisfactory?

Is this what you would hope to find on such a page?

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  1. Administrator says:

    We’ve had lots of visitors to this post (~100) – fantastic! Still i.s.o. feedback positive negative or neutral.

  2. wanda says:

    My general impression is that a lot of people in biology do none of this, so you’re doing fine…

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