Science thrives with diverse perspectives and approaches. Everyone is welcome in the de Bivort lab, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, sex, gender, affections, age, or disabilities. Scientists from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to join us.

Benjamin de Bivort, PhD

Jenn Thomson
Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Elya, PhD
Hanna Gray Postdoctoral Fellow

Ryan Maloney, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Denise Yoon
PhD Student

Tom Alisch
PhD Student

Shraddha Lall
PhD Student

Danylo Lavrentovich
PhD Student

Athena Ye

Former members and visitors

Postdoctoral Fellows
James Crall, Matt Churgin, Charuni Gunaratne, Kyle Honegger, Elisabetta Versace, Shmuel Raz, Julien Ayroles, Jamey Kain, Sean Buchanan, Quentin Gaudry

Graduate Students
Zach Werkhoven, Jamilla Akhund-Zade, Matt Smith, Jess Kanwal, Kyobi Skutt-Kakaria, Claire Guérin, Christian Rohrsen

Research Assistants and Interns
August Easton-Calabria, Nicole Pittoors, Erika Gajda, Vivian Hemmelder, Chelsea Jenney, Josh Chapman

Undergraduate Students
Cassandra Pasadyn, Pablo Reimers, Ned Lu, Sarah Zhang